• Event and Organizer

    Bali & Beyond Travel Fair - BBTF event will be held in Nusa Dua, Bali for B2B session

  • Dates and Times : 8 - 12 June 2021

  • Deadline for application : 12 May 2021
  • Deadline for submission of building plans : 24 May 2021. Any building plan after the dateline, using Official Contractor is mandatory.
  • Commencement of construction : 7 June 2021
  • Commencement of dismantling : No dismantling booth before 06.30 pm on 11th June 2021
  • Conclusion of dismantling: Dismantling booth MUST be done after 06.30pm and FINISH by 10:00pm on 11th June 2021.
  • Registration

    Registration to www.bbtf.or.id or email into: info@bbtf.or.idexhibitor@bbtf.or.id Phone: 62 361 - 4457111/4457700 for advance designed

  • Stand Rental

            There are 5 type of Booth :

    • ROW BOOTH (9 M2)
      1. Silver Row : IDR. 25,000,000
      2. Gold Row : IDR. 27,000,000
    • CORNER BOOTH  (9 M2)
      1. Silver Corner : IDR. 30,000,000
      2. Gold Corner : IDR. 36,000,000
    • FLOOR SPACE (18 M2) 
      1. Gold Floor Space : IDR. 60,000,000
      2. Platinum Floor Space : IDR. 77,000,000
      1. Deluxe Island Space (117 M2) : IDR. 380,000,000
      2. Premium Island Space (180 M2) : IDR. 752,000,000
  • Notes:
    • All the prices above are EXCLUDED to Government Tax
    • Promo 25% off for Silver & Gold Booth available until 8 May 2021
    • Row and Corner Booth include standard booth (9 m2), carpet, standard lighting, one standard table, 3 standard chairs, one fascia name, electricity 2 ampere (440 watt)
    • Every booth with size of 9 m2 will receive 1 X Full delegate badge & 1 X Co Delegate Badge and 2 X lunch voucher
    • 1 Entity listing on BBTF 2021 directory (Print & Online version)
    • Floor space only include: 18m2 Carpet, electricity 4 ampere (880 watt) and 2 X Full Delegate & 2 X Co Delegate and 4 X lunch voucher
    • Deluxe Island space only include : 117m2 on Gold Area, carpet, electricity 20 ampere (4400 watt) and 10 X Full Delegate & 10 Co Delegate and 20 X Lunch voucher
    • Premium Island space only include : 180 m2 on Platinum Area, carpet, electricity 20 ampere (4400 watt) and 10 X Full Delegate & 10 Co Delegate and 20 X  Lunch voucher
  • Terms of Payment
    • The period of payment is specified in the stand rental invoice, please quote invoice number and customer number. All payment should be made to one of the accounts indicated in the invoice as follow:

 Bank Mandiri
 KCP Denpasar Pasar Kumbasari
 Jl. Gajah Mada No. 105, Denpasar - Bali
 Phone: 62 361 - 434812
 A/C 145.0010.680763
 A/N Bali and Beyond Travel Fair
 Swift code: bmriidja

  • Cancellation
    • For any registration is made after 1 February 2021 and cancellation is made after 21 days from the booking date will be charge 100% cancellation fee
  • Force Majeure
    • Force Majeure is a condition or event that cannot be avoided or overcome by each of the parties, or event that occur due to out of the will, ability of power of each party, including, but not limited to acts of God, war, government regulation, interests of the government, disaster, fires, strike, riot, embargo, battle, national disaster, civil disturbance or other similar causes beyond the capabilities or the threat of the parties, so it is not recommended, illegal, or impossible to conduct or organize the event
    • The Committee eligible to re-schedule or cancel the event due to the force majeure caused
    • The Committee eligible not to refund registration fee and rental exhibition space due to the force majeure caused
    • Registration fee and rental exhibition space will automatically secure the agreement for the new schedule BBTF event
    • Fee is not refundable and transferable
  • Halls and indoor places regulation
    • No outside food is permitted unless has clearance from committee
    • No Selling food or drink on the booth unless permitted
    • Musical and folklore performances are requested to apply for permitted to committee. The same rules apply to all events/performances which take place at the stand
    • Advertising is only permitted within the exhibitors official stand area. Promotion teams may operate only with special permission
    • Handouts of a political nature may not be distributed in any form. Moreover, the design and decoration of the stands must be free from any kind of political statement
    • It is forbidden to attach posters or any other materials on any walls or floor surfaces outside the hired stand
    • When possible, requests by exhibitors for parking space on the exhibition grounds will be taken into consideration if possible; rights to a parking space proper or a certain parking space do not exist
    • During the construction-and dismantling period, as well as during the fair, the regulations of the traffic guide will be applied for authorized traffic on the fairground
    • Exhibitors and accompanying persons are required to leave the halls no later than one hour after the fair closes. Everyone leaving the exhibition grounds with a parcel is required to show the parcel's origin to the exit guards
    • Animals are not allowed into the exhibition grounds
    • All Sellers must not dismantle any booth decoration before 11th June 2021 at 06.30 pm. Penalty will apply
  • Power, water connections and partition walls
    All power and/or water connections or partition walls must be specific ordered and paid for (see web shop)
  • Electricity and partition walls
    Additional Electricity and partition walls is on exhibition personal expenses
  • Exhibitor passes
    Exhibitors receive codes for exhibitor passes as follow:
    • Additional Co Delegate Badge is IDR 1.500.000 / pass (apply maximum 1 / standard booth)
    • Additional Co Delegate Badge with PSA  is IDR. 15,000,000/person
    • Upgrade from Co Delegate to Full Delegate with PSA  : IDR. 12,500,000/person
    • Re-printing lost pass is IDR 500.000 / badge (apply maximum 1 pass / person)
    • Only Fully Delegate Badge has access to Seller Meet Buyer Session
    • Full Delegate & Co Delegate  inclusive : 2 X Lunch Voucher
  • Terms of Business
    The enclosed Regulations contained at the web shop apply to these special Conditions of Participation as well as the General terms of Business for trade
  • Booth-construction
  • Marketing- advertising- sponsoring
    Advertising and public relations are crucial elements of a successful trade show participation. Please use our marketing tools and do not hesitate to contact the BBTF team in case of any question. Please contact:
  • Dress code
    • All participants must wear business attire during BBTF events at Nusa Dua , Bali
    • All Sellers MUST wear Cetified Covid-19 Mask during the entire event
    • All Sellers suggested to bring own face-shield and hand sanitizer during the entire event